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Krasnoyarsk Region

Fishing for trophy taimen on rivers Kuuringda, Deltula, Bahta.

Fishing for taimen, lenok, grayling, whitefish, pike etc.& staying at a fishing camp on the Huringda.


The river Bahta is a right-side tributary of the Yenisei. It is 500 km long, its basin area is 35 500 km2. It flows through wild taiga, with no populated communities nearby. The closest village is Bahta with population of about 400 people, mostly Russian. Locals specialize in hunting and fishing. Trophy fishing is possible on the Bahta itself, as well as on its numerous tributaries: Tynep, Malaya Bahtinka, Suhaya Bahta, Khuringda, Deltula, Goldaikta, Manguigna and other rivers.

We stick to the "catch  and release" principle. Only the Club guide is authorized to decide on amount and type of fish to be served as a meal.

After reanimation all taimen and lenok must be released.



80 000 rubles per adult ( Club members are given discounts)

Transportation by motor boat and hovercraft requires an additional fee: 85 000 rubles per group. Helicopter or combined transportation can be arranged, the fee calculated individually.


Fishing season:

June - September

Anglers per group:

4-6 people


The Tour Program

Day 1

Arrival in Podkamennaya Tunguska, transportation to the fishing camp, settling in, leisure

Day 2 - 6

Full-day fishing. Transportation by hovercraft Hivus 10 to different efficient fishing spots on rivers Huringda, Bahta and Deltula.

The biggest Siberian taimen ever caught by recreational anglers were caught here.

Shore and rafting fishing with a spinner, a fly or a floater. Fishing is supervised by a guide and his assistant, who also arrange lunch and leisure time for tourists. Sample schedule:

   7:00 - awakening

   7:30 - breakfast

   8:00 - setting out, fishing, return to the camp

   19:00 - 20:00 - banya, dinner, leisure time

Day 7

Transfer to the base in Podkamennaya Tunguska, banya, dinner, leisure time

Day 8

Return to Krasnoyarsk


Pay procedure

30% of the full price after booking, the remaining fee - 2 months prior to the tour


The package includes:

Reception and escort at/to airports

Transfer in Krasnoyarsk and Bor village

Three meals a day

Fishing license


Guide assistance

Not included:

Flights to/from Podkamennaya Tunguska

Accommodation in Krasnoyarsk and Bor village, if necessary

Tips to staff


Every angler should bring:

Waterproof warm clothes, wading boots, a head net, repellents, towels, hygiene kit, fishing gear. The belongings should be packed in a waterproof bag. Important! - every angler should bring no more than 20 kg of baggage.

The complete list of required equipment, clothing and fishing gear will be given during the preparation for the tour. We  are also happy to provide assistance in purchasing items  from our Club partners with a remarkable discount.

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