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Taymyr Peninsula

Raft fishing on the Kotuy River, transportation by helicopter


Fishing for trophy taimen, grayling, whitefish, pike, stone loach etc.


The Head of the Club believes the river head of the Kotuy river and its tributaries are the most beautiful places in the world. Enormous white  rock citadels frame the valley of the river with crystal-clear virescent water. You get closer to the river's lower-course, and the dream-like scenery of  the severe Northern nature turns into bleak forest tundra landscapes. The same with fishing. The river head can offer a great catch of greyling and taimen, an even better chance of it on middle reach and almost none on the lower-course. Instead it has a lot of pike, occasional stone loach and nelma. In general, fishing on the Kotuy and its tributaries is challenging: fish needs to be sought for, you can spend half a day rafting without a single bite. But if you find an efficient spot it is possible to catch a dozen of 10-30 kg taimen even without moving anywhere.

We stick to the "catch  and release" principle. Only the Club guide is authorized to decide on amount and type of fish to be served as a meal.

After reanimation all taimen must be released.



from 170 000 rubles per adult, including helicopter transportation

Fishing season:

July - September

Anglers per group:

up to 8 people


The Tour Program

Day 1

Arrival in Khatanga, helicopter transportation to the starting point, settling in, leisure

Day 2 - 9

Full-day fishing. Fishing and rafting on PVC hovercrafts. Shore and rafting fishing with a spinner, a fly or a floater. Fishing is supervised by a guide and his assistant, who also arrange lunch and leisure time for tourists. Camping at a berth.

Sample schedule:

   7:00 - awakening

   7:30 - breakfast

   8:00 - setting out, fishing

   18:00 - setting a camp, banya, dinner, leisure time

Day 10 - 11

Transportation to Khatanga by motorboat, settling in a hotel, leisure

Transfer to the base in Podkamennaya Tunguska, banya, dinner, leisure time

Day 12

Return to Krasnoyarsk


Pay procedure

50% of the full price after booking, the remaining fee - 2 months prior to the tour


The package includes:

Reception and escort at/to airports

Transfer in Khatanga

Three meals a day

Fishing license


Guide assistance

Not included:

Flights to/from Podkamennaya Tunguska

Accommodation in Krasnoyarsk and Khatanga, if necessary

Tips to staff


Every angler should bring:

Waterproof warm clothes, wading boots, a head net, repellents, towels, hygiene kit, fishing gear. The belongings should be packed in a waterproof bag. Important! - every angler should bring no more than 25 kg of baggage.

The complete list of required equipment, clothing and fishing gear will be given during the preparation for the tour. We  are also happy to provide assistance in purchasing items  from our Club partners with a remarkable discount.


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