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About Us


At the beginning our Club was only a hobby of a small group of fishermen. We went on fishing tours, but there were always some things we  weren't satisfied with: Issues with service, with fishing itself, ill-considered logistics.  The earlier we planned a tour, the more vexing were problems that occurred with it. Soon we realized that we are willing and are capable of organizing better tours on our own. That's how our Company was born.


We are happy to introduce you  to our carefully drew out tours.


The Club's work is base on 3 core principles:

1. Guaranteed catch

Our routes go through wildlife areas of Russia and other countries, which makes it more likely for fishermen to catch many different types of trophy fish.

2. Fishing is a vacation.

We organize all preparations and actual tours in a way that allows tourists  to chill and have a good time fishing.

3. Wildlife protection.

We stick to the "catch  and release" principle. We do our best to preserve nature in its original, undisturbed form.

LLC "Club of fishing adventures" - is an official travel company, company registry number ВНТ 011778




Moscow office: Moscow, Bolshaya Tulskaya 10, build. 1, office 143


 Club representative in Podkamennaya Tunguska: Vlasov Evgeniy

  • Telephone: +7905 086 18 38

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